Cadillac Type 53

The History of the Car Key

Gone are the good old days when car keys used to consist of one metal key which you insert, turn and hey presto! Now there are keys with codes, alarms, buttons, etc, and it is true that car keys are getting more and more complex by the year! But a good hundred or so years…

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The Return of Top Gear

If you haven’t heard of Top Gear, we can only assume you have been hiding under a rock somewhere! It is the most widely watched factual television programme in the world, with an estimated global audience of 350 million, in some 200 countries! Originally it started as a conventional motoring magazine, in 1977, but quickly…

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Lost my Keys! – Not anymore!

It’s happened to the best of us – that oh so frustrating moment when you are in a rush to get somewhere but your keys are not where you last put them (yes, it definitely isn’t your fault – they clearly got moved, or walked off!). So how can we avoid that very common annoying…

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It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

We all know that there some stunning cars on the market.  Exterior wise we could list many, and actually the Daily Telegraph compiled a list of the 20 most beautiful cars as chosen by their readers.  The final 10 were Ferrari 250 GTO, Lotus Esprit,  Aston Martin DB9,  Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato,  Aston Martin DB4/5/6,  Lamborghini Miura, …

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Back To The Future!

For those that have not seen the classic movie, 1985’s Back To The Future, we suggest that you go and watch it immediately!  Not only is it a great film, but just seeing the wheels that are featured in it is worth it – making The DeLorean famous since 1985! The original DeLorean cars went…

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