Self Driving

The Cars of The Future

It only seems like yesterday that the electric key was introduced to the world – opening your car from the other side of the car park?  Now that was an exciting day!  But now technology is exciting us even more… Why?  The driver-less car! The subject dominates the headlines these days, and with virtually every…

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What do you do if you have locked your keys in your car?

It’s snowing outside and you are snug in your warm cosy bed, but the alarm has gone off three times now, reminding you that you must get up otherwise you will be late for work, again!  You begrudgingly get out of bed and quickly get dressed, hurry downstairs to wolf down some breaky. You grab…

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Car Key Repair vs Replacement

Your car keys go everywhere with you – they sit on the kitchen top, they get squashed into your jeans pocket, they find themselves buried deep in you handbag (for the ladies only of course!), they even might find themselves in your dog’s mouth! So it is no wonder that car keys can change shape…

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Fiant Abarth


With every new year comes new things to look forward to, and we can count cars to the list. This year there a whole host of new models being introduced to the market, in particular a range of exciting new convertibles! Some 31 years after the Fiat Spider left the showrooms, the two seater drop-top…

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New Year's Eve celebrations, London, Britain - 31 Dec 2012


The turkey remains have been eaten, the presents have all been opened, and the Christmas hangover has just about disappeared… Christmas is officially over, and with that comes New Years Eve! And of course the resolutions… Now, we at Express Auto Keys are promising all sorts – exercise more, eat healthy, watch less trash on…

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