Keep Your Van Secure with Thatcham-Accredited Slamlocks

It goes without saying that security for vans is something to take great care over and we have touched on how to keep it secure on recent blog posts (read more here Deadlocks and armaplates are fantastic additional ways to secure your van, but also one to consider are the Slamlocks. Very popular with…

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Range Rover Evoque Convertible front-large

Land Rover Goes Topless!

What could be better (or perhaps worse in some people’s eyes!) than the Range Rover Evoque? The Range Rover Evoque Convertible of course, and by 2016 these babies will be available to buy. The Evoque was introduced to the car market in 2011, and Land Rover has since then shifted more than 450,000 units, with…

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No Key? No Problem!

By now you will hopefully know that for whatever reason you may have, we can help in providing you with a new car key. Whether you have locked your keys inside your car, lost them, had them stolen, or just want a spare set – we can help save you money by offering a cheaper…

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Motorcycles are on the Rise

If you’re a motoring enthusiast, you might be aware of the success of Britain in the motorcycle world, but for many of us this sport is almost forgotten.  Infact, we are doing very well!  Danny Kent, a 21-year-old from Wiltshire, won the Moto3 title at the beginning of this month and therefore became Britain’s first motorcycle grand…

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The ‘Diesel Dupe’ Aftermath

It is no surprise that industry reports have this week shown that Volkswagen’s European sales and market share have slipped in October as the emissions scandal has finally taken its toll on the car giant.  Sales for the Volkswagen Group dropped by 0.8% in the last month, and are expected to dip even further at…

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