Avoid Van Theft with Armaplates

If you use a van for work, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be theft, not only of the vehicle itself but of what is inside, because lets face it – most vans contain expensive goods or equipment. In a previous blog post we talked about using van deadlocks to increase the security of…

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Mercedes are the Winners at the Mexican Grand Prix

After a 23-year absence, last weekend saw the return of Mexico as one of the Grand Prix host countries. The 135,000 racing fans enjoyed a fiery and exciting Grand Prix, on a completely renovated circuit. From an electric build up where Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton paused during the parade of drivers in classic cars…

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Late for work? ‘My Dog Ate My Keys!’

How many times have you been late for work? And how many times have you blamed your pet? According to a survey taken in January 2014, the reasons people give for why they are late are usually to do with traffic, public transport, lack of sleep, taking children to school, the weather or their pets….

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The name is Bond, James Bond.

This week sees the long awaited release of the new James Bond film, Spectre. Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris return for Bond’s 24th adventure, and everyone at Express Auto Keys HQ are pretty excited! Why? The cars of course! Everyone has a favourite Bond.  Everyone has a favourite Bond girl. But which is…

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Winter is coming!

The scarves are out. The fridge is stocked full of tasty comfort food. And you can now see your own breath during the dreaded morning commute… Winter is definitely on its way!  With rumours of snow being forecasted for the coming weeks it is important to get prepared for the cold weather. Winter’s bitter winds…

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