The BMW Bandit


Many cars are now equipped with an “anti-theft immobilizer system”, a step up from the”remote anti-theft alarm system” that once ruled the land of car security. Where a car alarm once only consisted of flashing lights and sounding horns, advancement in technology has allowed for higher levels of safety equipment to be featured in the car. Transponders are now being installed in your  car keys making it impossible to start the vehicle without a properly coded key. Meaning, a thief would have to steal the key to steal the car.

But what happens when your friend leaves your car key FOB in the car of your 2016 BMW 5 Series with a thief lurking about? It may account to a couple of hours of inconvenience, and an irritation for humankind, but rest assured, your car may be in safe hands due to BMW’s new high tech safety features.

Once upon a time, a car thief awoke from a sound slumber … to find he had been remotely locked inside a stolen BMW.  Immediately upon realizing the car was stolen, the owners notified authorities, who then notified the BMW headquarters. They were able to take remote action, and locate the car.

With new technology, car security has been given great strength and BMW has taken the edge in the market. There are several apps already available that “empower car owners with the ability to lock their cars, set the alarm off, and even adjust the air condition and heating settings remotely from cellular phones or other devices”. Or, you can simply call BMW to do it for you. The choice of convenience is yours!

Ahh, the sweet sigh of relief knowing you can depend on your car’s security system and  it’s corporate office, as well as the amazing advancement of technology. In the end, the BMW was returned safe and sound to its owner with no scratches or harm done, but that friend who left the key  FOB in car may need to rethink his tactics some.