The Future of Aston Martin

Aston Martin V12 Vantage

We all know the Aston Martin… most probably because of it’s ongoing feature in the James Bond films!  For most, these cars are an unaffordable luxury, and with the cars starting at at least £100,000 you can see why.  Aston Martin cars are, quite simply, exciting sports cars built to the highest standards. All are imbued with Power, Beauty and Soul – combining pure performance and true sporting ability with passion, refinement, luxury and exceptional beauty.

The current Aston Martin model range comprises the iconic Vantage range of V8, V8 Vantage S, and pure sporting capability of V12 Vantage S, the timeless DB9, luxurious Rapide S four-door sports car and ultimate super GT – the Vanquish. Special edition Vanquish and DB9 Carbon Editions and dramatic Vantage N430 add further variety whilst the new DP-100 virtual racer concept adds a glimpse of an exciting future.  And now they are planning seven more cars!  It is no secret that Aston Martin has incurred some financial disasters in its time, so this is pretty big news for the British car manufacturer.

Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer, said, “Aston Martin has always been one car. It’s always been about generating enough money to get to the next car.  That doesn’t work – this industry requires a cadence of cars, so ultimately the money we’ve raised not only gives us the next four cars, but the freedom to invest in the three models after that.”

And so with the help of funding, totaling just under $1 billion, Aston Martin are hopefully on the up!  First on the list is the DB11, and will be Aston’s first all-new car after coming out of Ford’s ownership.  Following the DB11 will be a new Vantage and Vanquish as well as a car based on the DBX crossover concept previewed last year (plus three unreleased models).  Aston will also begin selling saloons under the Lagonda brand (the saloon being as down market as the company will go).  Exciting times for the British manufacturers!

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